Relationship Class

This class is for couples only (married or unmarried) and covers topics including communication, differences between women and men, The Five Love Languages, anger and family influences. The class lasts 6 weeks. New classes coming soon, please call PACN to register for the next session.

Parenting Class

Parenting is one of the most important yet challenging jobs an adult can have. Let PACN equip you with the tools you need to raise healthy and happy children. From understanding children’s behavior to exploring different parenting techniques, parenting classes will leave you feeling well-informed and equipped to be the best parent you can be! Call PACN to register for the next session.

New classes coming soon!

CARE Group

(Confidential Abortion Recovery & Education)

Is abortion part of your life story? PACN can help you find closure and healing. Our confidential CARE program is led by trained, post-abortive women and men at no cost to you. Separate classes are available for women and men in a small group setting. Please contact, to register or to learn more about the group.



PACN serves women and their partners by offering holistic care for sexual health and pregnancy decisions. Our goal is to address the whole person, and meet not only physical, but also emotional, material and spiritual needs. If you would like more information about our classes and educational resources, please reach out to us.