Step One to a Healthier You


With December gone and the new year upon us, I think a few of us can agree that some not-so-healthy choices were made—I admit to indulging myself with about 4 too many Christmas cookies and let’s leave out the number of hot cocoas that accompanied them.


Putting the past in the past, it’s time to shift our priorities. A healthier you is on the horizon—but where to begin?


Fortunately, step one is available at PACN. With our no-cost services, you can address any health concerns related to pregnancy decisions and sexual health.  In addition, they offer no-cost mental health wellness services through counseling interns who offer a listening ear and compassionate care.


Reviewing your health can be easy and pain-free. There is no need to worry about the hassle of insurance or await the shocking bill in the mail. Schedule your appointment online at  


When all you need to bring is a photo ID, who could pass up this kind of service? Set aside a day to treat yourself, and give us a call at (936) 441-6442 or (832) 299-1961.