4 Things to Remember on Valentine’s Day

4 things to remember on valentine's day

There is something about Valentine’s Day that brings out the hopeless romantic in all of us. Even elementary schools celebrate this day with a sugar-fueled party and handwritten notes. As we grow older, we wish for a dozen red roses and a romantic evening with the one whom our soul adores. Regardless of age, there is something about love that makes all common sense flee and turns people into a mess of heart eyes.


As we enter the season of hearts and arrows, here are a few things I have learned about Valentine’s Day:

  1. Love yourself! No one can love you well if you do not love yourself first. This means taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your health.

  2. Relationships take work.  A perfect picture of a couple’s romantic gesture on your Instagram feed does not always reflect truth about the relationship. Don’t let social media be a tool that contributes to negative feelings of pain, loneliness, envy or resentment.

  3. The quest for love may have a tendency to make us lose our common sense. Mistakes can be made–don’t forget to schedule pregnancy and/or STD appointments in a couple of weeks to keep your health in check.

  4. Whether single or in a relationship, one should always take advantage of on sale Valentine’s Day candy. What says love more than a 32 piece box of chocolates for $2.99?


As you celebrate this wonderful day of love, I hope it is filled with chocolates, roses, and the one you admire most. Whatever comes about on your Valentine’s Day, PACN is available for any post-love concerns. Our pregnancy and STD testing as well as relationship consulting and classes are all free of charge! We simply require an ID. Call to make an appointment today!