Well-woman exams

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A typical well-woman exam can cost $150 or more out-of-pocket – but PACN’s no-cost services make it convenient and easy for you to access important medical care without financial burden. PACN follows American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) clinical guidelines for well-woman exams.

Exams are available by appointment for women who are not currently pregnant. Please schedule your appointment for a well-woman exam when you are not on your menstrual period.

A well-woman exam for patients 21+ with a PACN nurse practitioner will include:

• Exam with Pap smear
• Manual breast exam
• STD screening for Chlamydia*, Gonorrhea* and HIV
• Prescriptions** for treatment, if needed

*For the most accurate results, please do not urinate in the hour before your appointment time.

**For birth control, please consult with your primary care provider.



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