Parenting Options? For Me?


Parenting Options? For me?

Take a deep breath.  You may have recently found yourself in an unexpected pregnancy.  Your mind is going in a million different directions. You have choices to make, but make sure you also know you have options.

That’s right! Options!

What most people won’t tell you is that several different parenting options are available. There is not just one way to parent.  And what is best for one parent, may not be the best for another.

Take the time to understand your options below, do your research and consider speaking with a client consultant from PACN before you decide what is best for you.

Married Parenting Co-Parenting Single Parenting Adoption
It’s easier for people to achieve their goals when they can depend on one another’s help and encouragement.


Research shows that on average kids do better across every economic, psychological, social and educational measures of child well-being when they are raised by married parents who love each other and love their children. In addition, women and men tend to be healthier, more financially stable and happier when they are in a stable, healthy marriage.

Sharing parenting responsibilities with your child’s father can happen whether you live in the same house or not.


Research shows that children are affected when their parent breaks up with one partner and begins a new relationship.


Research also suggests that children are at risk when they don’t live with involved fathers. Children benefit most when their parents are committed “for better or worse.”

Single parents wear many hats but still face the same challenges of a dual-parent home.  This means no one is excused from the adventures of parenting!


One committed person can make a difference for a lifetime! Research states that children raised in healthy, single-parent homes go on to become loving & responsible adults.


Single parents are often resilient people who aid their children in adapting to life’s challenges.

Adoption is not giving up, its taking control and making a plan.


The process of adoption takes strength & courage. Imagining a better life for your child and lovingly making an adoption plan on their behalf shows true determination & commitment.


Research shows that 92% of adopted children have positive feelings about their adoption.


With open & semi-open adoptions, you don’t have to miss out on your child’s life while still pursuing your dreams.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the next step of arming yourself with important information.  Should you need to talk this over with someone, we are here to listen.

Content taken from Before You Decide Magazine, a publication of Care Net