Getting out those 3 words

iampregnant_tellingyourBFGetting out those 3 words: I am pregnant

You’re pregnant. The tests keep coming back positive.  You are showing all the general symptoms: nausea, tiredness, mood swings and let’s not forget having to pee every minute!

Maybe you’ve told your closest friend, but not your man.

Now what?

  • Be encouraged!
    Statistics state that 61% of pregnant women exploring options concerning their pregnancy consult their partner first. This means you can say those 3 words!  It will be scary. You will be nervous. But remember, you can do it!

Consider asking a friend or your client consultant to role play the situation with you so that you can be well prepared. Yes, you will feel silly but you will also be better prepared to deliver some of the biggest news he has ever heard.  Make sure you play yourself AND your partner.

  • Be brave!
    Now that you’ve spilled the beans, be brave and ask for his support. What’s that you say? Come right out and ask for his support?


We all need people to walk with us through life. If you are in a healthy relationship, having support from the father of your baby can help you feel confident in carrying to term. Take time before your big talk to come up with a list of some specific suggestions as to how he could be involved. Depending on your relationship, the suggestions could range from short term to long term, but don’t be afraid to ask.

Here are a few suggestions: attending a doctor(s) appointment with you, tell your parents/those closest to you together, take a relationship or parenting class with you at a local pregnancy center like PACN, attend a child birthing class together, help financially…

  • Give space!

Think back to when you first learned you were pregnant. While you may not have completely settled in to the idea, the fact is, you have known longer than he has.

Be willing to back off and give him the space he needs.

After hearing life-changing news, it is normal for people to need time to process their thoughts and feelings.  Pressuring him to respond immediately can make him feel trapped—and nothing positive can come from that.

Just like you needed a listening ear, he will need one too.  Let that be you.

Challenging conversations are more likely to have a positive outcome when you are able to be clear and specific about what you are feeling, what you desire and what you would like from him.

And just know, regardless of how the conversation goes…

You did it! You were strong! You told him!

If you want to know more information, feel free to call PACN at any time of the day or request an appointment on-line.  You can meet with female and/or male consultants who are here to empower you!